Print & Soft Copies



I am  pleased to email you a digital copy of any of the photographs shown in the Gallery section.  I can work with your local photo print shop if you decide upon a print.  Email me for a quote indicating the Reference Code and the desired photograph.  I can also custom the photograph size and any retouchs on any of the photographs, if desired.


Small:              6 inches (long side)

Medium:        10 inches (long side)

Standard:      12 inches (long side)

Large:            14 inches (long side)

Extra large:   20 inches (long side)



Rent- 2-Own Program


If you want to decorate your office or home with prints this is a great program for you.  It is a lease for a defined period of time.  If during this period or at the end of it you decide to keep the photograph you can with the Rent-2-Own program.  Email me for more details.